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When Skipping Rope Doesn’t Skip Your Workout

Skipping RopeWhat piece of fitness equipment sells for under $10, can be used by the whole family, fits into your briefcase, and improves your cardiovascular fitness while you are toning your muscles at the same time? The answer is obviously the jump rope. Rope jumping is a fun and challenging exercise for training your cardiovascular system and burning your fats. It is considered the simplest form of workout just like working out with strength bands, jumping rope engages the whole body, especially on your leg muscles and particularly your calves. By incorporating rope jumping into your workout, it can boost your stamina and speed up burning your fats.

Health and Weight Management

Having the excess weight on your body can bring you many detrimental complications. The risk of developing heart diseases, high blood pressure, sexual dysfunction, osteoarthritis, depression, etc. can affect your health. The intensity of rope jumping and jump rope workouts, can be very effective in helping you lose weight and even reduce the risk of developing different diseases.

Your Interval Training

The jump rope gives you a very clear advantage when you want to increase the caloric expenditure while you are lifting your weights. The jump rope intervals boost your aerobic endurance that gives you more bang for your workout buck. With passive breaks in between your lifts can also be substituted with the high-intensity jumping rope sessions that will keep your heart rate up and promote the burning of fats. Rope jumping can also be used at the start of your exercise or workout for a warm-up.

Muscle Toning

Although rope jumping is known as a cardiovascular form of exercise, many of your muscles are being worked at the same time. This can result to a muscle tone and definition. Your main muscles that applies to this are your shoulders, upper back, calves and the core. Your calves are one of the primary muscles that are involved in the leaping ability.
Since skipping rope puts emphasis on your calves, this activity can increase your vertical leap. It will be very beneficial in some sports such as volleyball, basketball, baseball and football. To make your exercise even more specific to leaping, you must do high and exaggerated jumps as you do the jump rope. Also increase the intensity of your skipping rope workouts by using a weighted jumping rope.

The Skills and Guidelines

Your physical skills that can be improved when using jumping rope includes better coordination, agility, balance and timing. Many of these skills are sport-specific and can be translated into your daily life situations as well. But if you have never worked out before, or have not done it for a long time, try to consult your physician before you engage in any high-intensity exercise.
Before doing rope jumping, you can stretch well to loosen up the muscles, and do it after the workout. Make sure that you wear the proper workout clothes and wear athletic shoes to decrease the impact on the joints and reduce the risks of injury.

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