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Tips on Choosing the Right Kettlebells

V2 Pro Series Competition KettlebellOut of all the fitness equipment that are found in the gym, kettlebells are one of the the most wrongly used ones of them all. It has been incorporated by people to their routines, but sadly, some people use it the wrong way. Despite of this, kettlebells are still useful pieces of gym equipment, even to those who do crossfit exercises. It is a great tool if you want to improve your body strength. The target areas of this equipment are the legs, lower back, abs and shoulders. It can be used to multiply the effectiveness of your workout. Kettlebells are a bit similar to dumbbells and barbells, except that they are round in appearance and they have grips or handles.

It may seem like all kettlebells are the same, but you should still know how to pick the right one. Kettlebells need to be chosen the same way that you select other types of gym equipment. You want to choose one based on its durability and quality. There are aspects of the kettlebell that you need to look at before you make the decision to purchase it.

The following are tips on how to choose the right kettlebell to incorporate in your workout:

Do research on it benefits and usage

Before you start to purchase your kettlebells, you need to enlighten yourself first on how it is beneficial and how you can use it. They are viewed as one of the most wrongly used gym equipment, so figure why they are labeled as such. Certain techniques are executed in order for your exercise, using kettlebells, to be effective. They are too expensive to just put away if you find them useless to incorporate in your routine. Proper posture is needed when using this type of equipment. They are generally used for moving and not lifting. If you fail to do exercises properly, you might injure yourself.

The size of the kettlebell

Before you go on a buying frenzy, keep in mind that kettlebells have different sizes. The difference in their sizes also has specific benefits. Since it will be your first time to use kettlebells, better choose ones that are light weight. If you’re a woman and you’re still trying to learn the rounds of working out, it is recommended that you choose kettlebells that weigh 13 pounds. If you’re in good shape, you can select 16 lb kettlebells. If you’ve been working out on a regular basis, you can go for kettlebells that weigh 26 lbs. If you’re a guy, begin with a 35 lb kettlebell. If you’re in good shape, try ones that weigh 50 lbs. If you’ve been going to the gym for quite some time, you can go for 70 lb kettlebells.

Don’t choose ones that have poor quality

There have been a lot of fitness equipment that are sold in the market at a very high price. The worse thing about it is that some of them are substandard. Kettlebells are no exception to these types of shenanigans. Try to read reviews about the equipment or even the company that’s selling the product. Exercises using kettlebells usually requires a swinging motion. A poor-quality kettlebell might break while you’re doing the routine. You must choose kettlebells that are sturdy and well-constructed.


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