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Things To Consider Before Starting SandBag Training

all-thumbThe purpose of any training is defined by the goal of the user and Fitness Sandbag training is especially designed  for functional str

ength and conditioning. Unlike with other methods that may require a specific technique and form, sandbags are very simple tools that can be used by everyone, given that the person knows how to pick up a load properly. The key to maximize the effectiveness of sandbag training is to have a shifting of the sandbag itself. When doing typical sets with other implements such as kettlebells, one gets to “groove” while lifting weights, which makes easier to start to flow. Conversely, this shifting nature of the weight within sandbags makes the flow impossible. Every lift feels like the first set of a repetition. And this is what makes the workout even more challenging, especially that one engages his stabilizer muscles over and over again.

If you are looking for a strength training, you just need a heavier sandbag and just concentrate on the lower rep sets. But if you want conditioning, you can have a lighter one and add intensity and reps. The sandbag weight basically depends on various factors which include the ability level, purpose, and training experience of the person. Fortunately, sandbags are adjustable and they are specifically made for fitness applications that usually come with filter bags that may vary in weight depending on the routine.

Sandbag Training: Conditioning

Say for instance you are using a 16 kg  kettlebell for lifts, and you want to enhance your conditioning level, as well as fat loss. In this case, it is recommended to have a medium-sized sandbag with a capacity of 10-50 pounds. Unlike with a kettlebell, the sandbag is primarily lifted with two hands which allows you to use at least as much weight as you would usually would with the kettlebell.

Another thing to consider when using sandbags for conditioning is whether or not they have handles. If you want to lift with higher intensity, you can have a sandbag with at least one handle, either across the middle or at the ends. The handles make the throwing and gripping easier which will allow you to concentrate on the full movement of the body, instead of just the grip.

Sandbag Training: Strength

For example, you want to have strength training with the use of your sandbag. You deadlift and squat heavy, then you use kettlebell for the majority of your lifts, and you would want to increase your grip and core strength with sandbag movements. In this instance, you will be needing a larger sandbag having a capacity of 70-125 pounds.

With a larger sandbag, you can make use of  bear-hug type of hold to lift and carry weight, making way for atlas stone-type platform lifts and strongman carries. Chances are, you will be dropping the weight to the ground as you exhaust your own self. This is why you have to make sure that the sandbag is good enough to handle in order to have a good strength training.


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