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Health and Fitness: Achieve a Well-Rounded Routine

Core ExerciseTo achieve good health, every fitness training should include the necessary elements: aerobic fitness, muscular fitness, stretching, core exercise, and balance training. Regardless if you are an exercise fanatic or a novice in taking the first steps toward fitness who hopes to maximize results, it is essential to have a well-rounded training.

Aerobic Fitness

This is also known as endurance activity or cardio and is the cornerstone of the majority of fitness programs.  Aerobic exercises can cause you to breathe more deeply and faster. This maximizes the amount of oxygen in the blood. The better the aerobic fitness is, the more efficient the heart and the lungs would be. The blood vessels would be capable of transporting oxygen to the entire body, making it easier to complete a physical routine. Aerobic exercises involve the use of large muscle groups and it increases the heart rate. You can try walking, biking, jogging, dancing, swimming, water aerobics, as well as snow shoveling, vacuuming, and leaf raking. Aim to have at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity every week.

Strength Training

Muscular fitness is one essential component of any fitness program. You can do it at least twice a week and this would help you increase your muscular fitness and bone strength. This is also helpful as you maintain muscle mass while during a weight loss program. The majority of fitness centers offers free weights, resistance machines, and other tools necessary for strength training. But if you do not want to invest in a gym membership, you can have home-made or handheld weights like a plastic softdrink bottle filled with sand or water.

Core Exercises

The muscles in the lower back, abdomen, and pelvis are the core muscles that help in connecting the upper and lower body movements and give back support. This exercise helps the muscles brace the spine and enables the muscles in the upper and lower body effectively. This is an exercise that uses the trunk of the body without any support, which includes abdominal crunches. You can also make use of a fitness ball.

Exercise TipsBalance Training

In particular, adults should include this exercise in their fitness routine to improve and maintain balance. This is necessary as balance tends to deteriorate along with aging, which may lead to falls and fractures. You can try standing on one leg for an increased period of time to improve overall stability. Activities like tai chi can also promote balance.

Flexibility & Stretching

Flexibility is an essential aspect of physical fitness. There are physical activities like dancing that may require more flexibility than the rest. While stretching exercises are effective to increase flexibility and allows people to easily do activities that demand great flexibility. In addition, stretching improves the range of motion of the joints and promotes a better posture. Performing regular stretching can relieve stress.

Whether you want to create your own fitness program or hire a personal trainer, aerobic fitness, strength training and core exercises, balance training, stretching and flexibility need to be part of your overall fitness plan. This does not necessarily mean though, that you need to fit each of the elements in every session. You can just factor them into your regular fitness routine to maximize them promote fitness for life.


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